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We currently have a brief pending in the California Court of Appeals dealing with the concept of collateral estoppel.  Our client was sued for allegedly being the 'alter ego' of a corporation.  We went to trial in 2010 and won.  Judgment was entered in favor of our client on this sole allegation against him.

Fast forward to 2012.  Our client and his daughter have been sued again.  For the same thing.

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Building Men in Uganda
I just returned from two weeks at the Bringing Hope to the Family orphanage in Kaihura, Uganda.  I focused my time on the orphanage's Kyongera farm, a vocational school for teenage boys where they learn farming and carpentry.

 Our theme was "what is a real man?"  We talked about whether a real man has fears (the original vote among the boys was unanimous--no).  Through some more discussion, we figured out that yes, a real man does have fears and that the best way for them to deal with their fears and challenges was to share with each other and talk about them.  We also talked about their plans for the future, whether they favored Manchester United or Arsenal and yes, even girls.  We played some great soccer games and spent time hanging out.  This was an incredibly fulfilling trip and I am so grateful for the time spent with them.  I already miss them.  I look forward to telling you more about it and showing you more photos.  To see some more photos on our website, click here.


Did you see us in the May 28 edition of the Los Angeles Business Journal?  We were featured in the "LA Business Seen" section for a charity luncheon we hosted on April 18, for the Bringing Hope to the Family Orphanage in Uganda.

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