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Hiking and Mountain Biking through Southern China

You undoubtedly worried why you did not receive a Wagenseller Law Firm email last month.  Not to worry--Laine was hiking and mountain biking through Southern China.  Starting in Shanghai, he traveled to Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain), Yangshuo, Guilin, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri-La (Zhongdian) before spending a few days in Hong Kong.


Partnership Litigation:  Suing Your Partner

CourthousePartnerships are the source of much heated business litigation. Business lawyers who deal with partnership and corporate shareholder litigation must be both consummate trial attorneys and trusted advisors.


Partnership litigation involves more than just business disputes. The acrimony between partners arises from feelings of betrayal and broken trust.


A business litigation attorney who deals with partnership disputes must therefore take great care in the initial analysis of a case--what is the end result of the litigation, what is the game plan to get there and how much will it cost?




What We Are Working On... 
We were preparing for a trial set for October 13 in our daughter v.New Headshot 2 07 mother case.  In this case the plaintiff daughter claimed that she had invested with her mother back in 1975.  She had no proof of the investment and had not said a word about it for 35 years, but now she was suing her mother, claiming a 25% interest in a Beverly Hills apartment building.  On the eve of trial we discovered an old document in the archives of the Los Angeles Superior Court in which the daughter had claimed no interest in any of her mother's properties.  We were able to settle the case at 9:30 on the night before trial.

We are representing the purchaser of an industrial warehouse who is in escrow with a Seller who cannot get clean title because her step-son will not reconvey a paid-off mortgage.

We have two boundary dispute cases between neighbors.

We are representing a company in a lawsuit by a competitor for defamation, unfair competition, interference with contractual relations, interference with prospective economic advantage and false advertising.

We continue to represent two brothers who are being sued by their younger brother for partition over two apartment buildings that they jointly own.

We are helping a business owner who guaranteed his company's lease with a landlord.  The business defaulted on the lease and the landlord took a default judgment against it and the guarantor.

We helped two clients buy residential properties recently--a 3-home compound in Malibu and an estate in Toluca Lake.

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