What to do with crazy?

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What to do with crazy? A potential client bought a house. Later her boyfriend lost his job so started working on the house. They talked about him getting some “equity”. The project spiraled out of control and, no surprise, they broke up. He has now sued for everything under the sun (quiet title, partition, breach of oral contract, quantum meruit and more). And he has filed a mechanic’s lien. And a labor board complaint (stating he was an employee). She hired a big firm who is sending her $20,000+ bills every month. It looks like just getting to trial will cost her at least $350,000 but she can settle for probably $200,000. The cost-benefit analysis says settle as fast as possible. But what if he won’t settle? We see a lot of clients who get stuck with crazy. They have to defend themselves but they can’t get the other side to settle. There is no easy answer here.

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