Wagenseller Law Firm’s Business Litigation Update

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As Los Angeles business litigation attorneys, we have been busy this past month.  Here is an update on what we have been working on.

  •   Victory in trial.  Read our prior blog post about our victory in a breach of guaranty lawsuit against a Los Angeles lawyer.  We went to trial against the lawyer and won everything we asked for.  Our judgment totaled $428,000 and we are currently making a motion to recover our attorneys’ fees as well.
  •   Victory in international arbitration.  We represented a Hong Kong-based integrated circuit manufacturer in a breach of contract lawsuit with a Russian manufacturer.  We recently received the award in that case–everything we asked for totaling $440,000.

We are still waiting to hear from the California Court of Appeal on plaintiff’s appeal of a trial court dismissal in our favor.  Our client, a wheel importer, was sued by a Chinese wheel manufacturer.  We challenged the plaintiff’s complaint on the grounds of res judicata and collateral estoppel.  The lawsuit was dismissed on demurrer.  Plaintiff appealed the ruling and oral argument was held last month.  We are hopeful that the Court of Appeal will rule in our favor and the litigation will come to an end.

We just received two new lawsuits on behalf of real estate clients.  We look forward to helping these clients defend these real estate litigation lawsuits.

In the meantime we continue to work on some partner disputes, a Quiet Title lawsuit and some other business litigation.


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