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Bringing Hope to the Family Orphanage

On April 18 we were pleased to host a luncheon at the City Club for Faith Kunihira, founder of the Bringing Hope to the Family orphanage in Uganda.

Family orphanage in Uganda

Family orphanage in Uganda

I have been volunteering at the orphanage for the last two years and will be returning in June.

Bringing Hope restores hope to orphans in a country devastated by HIV/AIDs and other diseases.

Faith talked about the importance of education for the orphans, about the challenges of HIV positive orphans, and about the thousands of kids they have helped in the last 11 years.

I am committed to teaching the teenage boys at the orphanage’s farm how to be leaders and better men.

I am also committed to helping the orphanage provide a safe home for the orphans.

I appreciate all of your help in making this dream a reality.

Laine T. Wagenseller

Laine T. Wagenseller

Family Orphanage

Family Orphanage

You Can Help Us!

Last year through your generous donations, we raised the money to build a dorm for the boys at the farm.

This year we want to outfit the new dorm with 10 bunk beds ($1,140) and a solar lighting system ($2,900). We have already raised all of the money for the beds and over $800 for the lighting system already! Will you help us complete the solar lighting project?

With a $114 donation you can help us reach our goal!

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