Sorrow, Surgery, and Success

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Wagenseller Law Firm

We are thankful for our friends, clients and family this holiday season. Thank you for all of your Hudson Whitney Wagenseller support over this past year. Thank you especially for all of your kind words and condolences this past week. I was in Durango, Colorado with most of my family celebrating the life of my oldest brother, Hudson Whitney Wagenseller, who died suddenly last week, just shy of his 60th birthday. We will miss him very much.

All the best to you and your family,

Laine Wagenseller
Wagenseller Law Firm

Business Litigation: Demurrer Sustained Without Leave to Amend

We were pleased to notify our client that the Los Angeles Superior Court judge handling one of our cases granted (“sustained”) our demurrer to plaintiff’s First Amended Complaint without leave to amend.

A demurrer is a challenge to the complaint at the beginning of the lawsuit, arguing that the allegations of the complaint, even if true, do not state a viable cause of action or are barred by some legal concept. “Without leave to amend” means that the plaintiff may not try again.

We argued that plaintiff’s lawsuit was barred by res judicata, which means that the issues raised had already been decided in a prior action. Res judicata applies if (1) the decision in the prior proceeding is final and on the merits, (2) the present proceeding is on the same cause of action as the prior proceeding, and (3) the parties in the present proceeding or parties in privity with them were parties to the prior proceeding. We felt that our client fit all three elements and the court, after two hearings and after going back and forth, agreed.

We are pleased to give our client this good news as an early Christmas present.

Getting A Chance To Walk Again.

Adolf, the 11-year old orphan from Adolf on big wheel Uganda who suffered burns to his legs that left him unable to walk or run, has arrived here in Los Angeles and started surgeries to correct his burns. He has settled in well with my brother’s family and, except for the surgeries, has been enjoying himself. The media has covered this story and here are links to some of the news stories.

“CBS/KCAL Channels 2/9 News Article (11-19-12): “Ugandan Boy, Badly Burned, Being Helped by Southern Californians

NBC Channel 4 Article/Video (11-23-12): “Ugandan Boy, Badly Burned, Being Helped by Southern Californians”

“ABC Channel 7 Article/Video (11-19-12): “Burned Ugandan boy arrives in Los Angeles for reconstructive surgery”

“Ventura County Star News Article (12-7-12): “Doctor says prognosis is good for Ugandan burn victim staying in Thousand Oaks”

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