Risk: Take A Leap of Faith

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Taking A Leap of Faith: Bungee Jumping

Last month, Laine jumped off a bridge. Literally. He and others from his men’s group at Bel Air Presbyterian decided to take a leap of faith by jumping off “The Bridge to Nowhere” in the San Gabriel Mountains. We have been studying Kenny Luck’s book “Risk” where he argues that “when it comes to faith, all the energy spent eliminating risk from your life actually becomes a barrier to progress in your spiritual journey.” We decided to put it into action. After a 5-mile hike and 6 river crossings, we arrived at the bridge. I had to surrender my fears and, against my body’s prudent warnings, jump into the ravine. It was an exhilarating experience—mentally, physically and spiritually!

Corporate Litigation: What Is Alter Ego?

Los Angeles corporate litigation lawyers will tell you that one of the most often used concepts in California business litigation is that of alter ego. Alter ego is an attempt by a litigant to get past the protections of a corporate entity. In lawsuits regarding small corporations the phrase “pierce the corporate veil” is used to describe an attempt to disregard the corporate protections to go after the founder of the corporation personally. In larger corporate litigation alter ego is also used go after a corporate subsidiary’s larger corporate owner. In general the idea of alter ego is to disregard a corporate entity in order to get to the real money.

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Meet Our Friends…Christine Deschaine and Kathleen Neary

Christine Deschaine (middle) is a Principal of Lee & Associates – LA North/Ventura, a full service commercial real estate company. Christine specializes in retail brokerage all around Los Angeles. She and I are both on the CREW Advisory Board. She can be reached at cdeschaine@lee-re.com or (818) 933-0335.

Kathleen Neary (left) is a LEED-accredited architectural and design manager at Knoll, Inc. (workplace furnishings). Contact Kathleen at kneary@knoll.com or (310) 709-8673.

Christine and Kathleen were both on my trip to Uganda this summer.

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