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Attorneys have many different backgrounds and different levels of experience and expertise. At Wagenseller Law Firm our attorneys specialize in real estate. When you hire Wagenseller Law Firm you can be confident that your real estate attorney has handled real estate lawsuits before. You can be sure that he or she has an in-depth knowledge of real estate law concepts and issues that are relevant in the Los Angeles Superior Court and in Los Angeles lawsuits. A lawsuit is time consuming and expensive and you want to make sure that you have the best legal representation possible.

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Real Estate Litigation

Los Angeles attorneys handle all types of litigation and transactions. Choosing an attorney can be difficult. The first question to ask is whether your potential attorney has handled a case similar to yours. Just as you would not have a podiatrist handle your brain surgery, you do not want a lawyer without real estate experience handling your real estate litigation. The experienced real estate trial attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have handled numerous trials, arbitrations, mediations and other proceedings in the Los Angeles Superior Court, the Orange County Superior Court, the Ventura County Superior Court and other jurisdictions. Our real estate attorneys have won at trial, settled cases and disposed of cases on summary judgment.

Real Estate Transactions

The real estate attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have handled many commercial real estate lease negotiations. Entering into a commercial business lease is often the largest contract that a business will enter into. It is certainly a contract which tends to last longer than any other contracts and poses the biggest liability for your business.

Similarly, a purchase and sale agreement is another real estate transaction in Los Angeles that will involve large money amounts and potentially large liability exposure.

Real estate transactions in Los Angeles are complex and involve many moving parts. With the money and liability at stake, it is good practice to get an experienced real estate attorney involved from the very beginning. Good legal planning and an effective negotiating strategy can save money in the long run and minimize disputes, lawsuits and losses.

Real estate law is a complicated field and new statutes and laws are constantly changing the requirements of a purchase and sale agreement or lease agreement. While no one looks forward to spending money on a real estate lawyer, the money spent in having an experienced attorney review your real estate contracts, analyze deals, counsel in decision making and reviewing potential problems before they become problems can often end up saving you money in the long term.

Home Purchases And Sales

Home sales in California typically involve the California Association of Realtors purchase and sale agreement. While this form agreement is very thorough and a good contract, it does not address every contingency that may present itself in your real estate transaction. Moreover, many disputes and lawsuit that our attorneys see involve the added language set forth in an Addendum to the purchase and sale. The Addendum language is typically written by the real estate broker to address an issue specific to the particular transaction. However, the language is often not clear and leads to disputes later on when the parties attempt to interpret the contract. The real estate attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have extensive experience with the California Association of Realtors purchase and sale agreement and the purchase and sale of homes in general.

Commercial Building Purchases and Sales

Commercial building sales in Los Angeles and Southern California also usually involve form contracts. For example, industrial buildings are often sold using the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association (AIR) forms. These forms are constantly updated and provide a good template for a thorough purchase and sale agreement. However, when purchasing or selling expensive commercial real estate, do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Having a real estate attorney review the contract and related documents does not have to be expensive and it can save you from simple mistakes and possible liability.

Commercial Leasing in Los Angeles

Commercial leasing in Los Angeles for industrial buildings also often involves the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association (AIR) leases. AIR has several different leases and, like the purchase and sale agreements, they are well drafted and cover most of the issues that the parties need addressed. The forms are drafted slightly in favor of the landlords but that is to be expected in most leasing transactions. A commercial lease usually involves terms of three to ten years and monthly lease rates that represent a large commitment by any business. Frequent problems that arise in commercial leasing transactions involve the common area maintenance charges, tenant improvement build outs and capital improvements. While your real estate broker will typically negotiate the business terms of the relationship and prepare the first draft of the lease, an experienced commercial leasing attorney should always be retained to review the lease, any addendums and any tenant improvement documents.

Real Estate Partnership Litigation

The real estate lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm have assisted all types of participants in real estate transactions in Los Angeles. Our clientele include real estate developers, real property owners and landlords, tenants in commercial, retail, office and industrial buildings, home purchasers, home sellers and more.

The real estate services that we provide include contract drafting and/or review. When disputes do arise over a real estate transaction, our business litigation attorneys can handle all types of real estate litigation. Our real estate lawyers will help you analyze your situation, formulate a strategy for achieving your goals and then implement that strategy.

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