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“Partnership attorney Los Angeles” encompasses a lot of situations.  At Wagenseller Law Firm we specialize in partnership litigation in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.  As trial lawyers we handle partnership lawsuits between general and limited partners, members in limited liability companies, shareholders in corporations, family members in various partnership arrangements and all of the various informal partnerships that business people engage in everyday.

While we use the term ‘partnership litigation’, it can also be known as member litigation (for LLCs), family litigation (for lawsuits between family members), corporate litigation (between shareholders) or even just breach of contract litigation (for contractual arrangements of all types that we would think of as partnerships).

Partnership lawsuits that we have been involved with include:

  • Brother v. brother for partition and business dissolution.  The two brothers owned three businesses together as well as a piece of property.  Partition seeks the division or sale of the property while partnership dissolution seeks the winding up of the businesses.
  • Creditor/Ex Partner v. Regional Storage Company.  Two founders and ex-partners of the business had previously sued and settled, ending up with a long term promissory note.  Seventeen years later they sued the company claiming that they were still entitled to a percentage of any sale of the property along with repayment of their note.  We represented the Los Angeles-based Company and the case was settled on good terms.
  • Neighbor v. Neighbor.  We do not typically think of neighbors as partners but two families that live next door to each other for a long period of time have many of the same disputes that partners or family members have.  Our client was sued by his neighbor for nuisance arising out of a tree issue.
  • Shopping Center Developer Partners v. each other.  After a highly successful run as shopping center developers which made both men very rich, a personal dispute led to a lawsuit involving numerous attorneys, extensive litigation and little else.  Ongoing.
  • Television Shopping Network partners v. each other.  Long time partners in a television shopping network fell out of favor with each other.  Representing one of the partners, we avoided a lawsuit and negotiated a highly favorable buy-out for our client.
  • Attorney v. Attorney.  We represented a class-action attorney against his partner in a law firm dissolution.  The partners were also equal members in a limited liability company (LLC) that owned the office building in which their offices were located.
  • Daughter v. Mother.  Our attorneys represented a mother (85) who was being sued by her daughter (61) on a claim that they were partners in a Beverly Hills apartment building.  This resulting trust lawsuit was settled by buying the daughter out of the mother’s estate as well as the family limited partnership on very favorable terms.
  • Shareholder v. Shareholder in Technology Corporation.  Our Los Angeles based attorneys represented the majority shareholder in a technology company in claims by minority shareholders over how the corporation was run.  After a week-long trial attorney Laine Wagenseller was successful in winning a judgment for our client on all claims.

Los Angeles partnership lawyers who engage in this type of litigation must be knowledgeable about partnership laws and statutes and also about the emotional elements that drive these cases.  The anger and frustration that accompany partnership lawsuits should not be underestimated.  An effective partnership attorney must be able to persuade not only the other side but also his or her own client about how to successfully resolve the lawsuit.  An experienced partnership attorney will have dealt with family members, partners and others who are so intent on fighting that sometimes they overlook what the best resolution is for them.

Los Angeles partnership attorney Laine T. Wagenseller has extensive experience with partnership litigation in Los Angeles and Southern California.  He is the founder of Wagenseller Law Firm in downtown Los Angeles.  For more articles about partnership litigation, visit our website at  Mr. Wagenseller can be reached at (213) 286-0371.

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