Partnership and Shareholder Litigation

The Los Angeles partnership litigation lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm handle partnership litigation in the Los Angeles Superior Court and throughout Southern California

Partnership litigation attorneys, whether in Los Angeles or elsewhere, must have the legal knowledge and experience specific to partnership disputes. The partnership litigation attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have handled numerous partnership lawsuits. Moreover, our attorneys have successfully settled or resolved many of those cases while also taking other cases to trial when needed. Lawsuits over partnership issues or agreements will often implicate issues and requirements set forth in California’s Corporations Code. This can include the Revised Uniform Partnership Act, the Uniform Limited Partnership Act or the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act. [The ‘members’ of a LLC are not partners but their relationship works in similar ways and we have used the phrase ‘partners’ to refer to general partners, limited partners and LLC members]. Not all business litigation attorneys have the experience or knowledge to properly handle a partnership lawsuit.

In Los Angeles attorneys are plentiful. A good amount of those attorneys have actually handled business litigation. Some Los Angeles business litigation attorneys have experience with partnership litigation specifically. Even fewer of those business litigation attorneys have built successful careers handling partnership litigation or have ever even handled a partnership lawsuit trial. At Wagenseller Law Firm our partnership litigation attorneys have a track record of success in handling, resolving and trying partnership lawsuits in the Los Angeles Superior Court and elsewhere in Southern California.

Partnership and Shareholder Litigation

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Partnership and Shareholder Litigation Insights

The Wagenseller Law Firm has experience handling a variety of partnership and shareholder litigation matters.

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