Landlords, Are You Liable?

Leases and Landlords

A Beverly Hills retailer sued its landlord, claiming that the shopping center renovations caused the retailer’s demise. The trial court and then the Court of Appeals upheld the landlord’s exemption from liability as agreed to in the commercial shopping center lease.

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Interviews from Africa

Laine recently completed a ten minute video about the boys at Bringing Home to the Family in Uganda. Click below (and scroll down to Vimeo video) to watch the interviews with the boys about their past, their work at Kyongera farm school and their dreams for the future.

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The Political Season

Catch up on your reading with these books about prior political campaigns:

Rendez-Vous With Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign that Changed History by Craig Shirley

This fantastic book chronicles Reagan’s 1980 campaign for the Presidency. While Reagan eventually trounced Carter, Reagan lost to Bush in Iowa (and 17 other states, if I remember correctly). The book reveals all of the inside dissension among his team as well as the details of the primary (Bush and John Anderson) and then general election (Carter). Even up to the last days, this election was not a foregone conclusion. It is also fun to read about a historical political campaign as we go through this year’s campaign. If you enjoy politics, this is a great read.

The Audacity To Win: The Inside Story And Lessons of Barak Obama’s Historic Victory by David Plouffe

David Plouffe was the campaign manager for Barak Obama in 2008. Most of the book deals with the long hard primary campaign against Hilary Clinton. It is an interesting read, especially how they focused on gathering delegates (rather than just winning states) in a proportional delegate system. It is always interesting to see how a presidential campaign is orchestrated.

Path To Power by Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher’s first book (“The Downing Street Years”) chronicled her time as Prime Minister. This follow up book talks about her life up until her first election as Prime Minister. Britain in the late 1970s has a lot of parallels to the US today—a liberal government, a bad economy, powerful unions, etc. This prepared the way for Thatcher and the conservatives. The book is highly readable (even for non-Brits who don’t know as much about their system of government) and very interesting.

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