Get Naked

Get Naked

Getting naked in Patrick Lencioni’s new book (“Getting Naked”) refers to how service providers can overcome three primary fears and achieve client loyalty.

The first fear is the fear of losing the business. One solution? Always consult instead of sell. Don’t tell a client what you would do if you were hired. Instead just start serving them as if they were already a client. Don’t worry about being taken advantage of—for every potential client that does, nine others will appreciate your generosity and start to see themselves as a client even before they formally decide to become one.

Another solution? Tell the kind truth. Confront a client with the difficult truth, even when the client may not like hearing it. Don’t sugarcoat it (but don’t hit them over the head with it in a blunt uncaring way).

Enter the Danger. Don’t shy away from uncomfortable situations—step right into them. Fearlessly deal with an issue that everyone else is afraid to address. Usually everyone knows that the elephant is in the room, but no one has the courage to point it out.

Another fear is the fear of being embarrassed. But strive to ask dumb questions and make dumb suggestions. Think about the times you’ve been in a room and had a question that you thought might be too obvious to ask. And then someone else asks it, and you look at them with a sense of gratitude and respect. That’s how clients see us, if we have the courage to ask.

The third fear is the fear of feeling inferior. Make everything about the client and admit your weaknesses and limitations. Don’t deflect responsibility for problems. And don’t try to shift attention to yourself and your knowledge and experience. Your focus is on understanding, honoring and supporting the business of your client.

Getting Naked is written as a business fable that tells the story of a management consultant who must merge two different firms with very different approaches to serving clients. It is an easy and interesting read.

Bowling with Union Rescue Mission

The mission at URM is to “embrace people experiencing homelessness with the compassion of Christ — giving hope and healing for a changed life — helping them find their way home.” My Bel Air Pres Church men’s group and I went bowling with some of the men from Union Rescue Mission last week. What a great way to spend some time with the guys and get to know them a little better. This week in men’s group we talked about having each other’s back—being grateful for those who have had your back and making a point to be there to support others on a daily basis. I am going to make this my focus for the month.

Attorneys and Clients: Evaluate Your Real Estate Fraud Case

Real estate fraud attorneys must constantly evaluate real estate fraud lawsuits based only on the information they receive from their potential clients. Potential clients, who are trying to convince the attorney of the merit in their lawsuit and not necessarily understanding the elements of a fraud case, do not always share all of the pertinent details with the attorney. Both real estate lawyers and their potential clients must understand what information is important in a real estate fraud case and how to evaluate the strength or weaknesses of a real estate lawsuit. Here are tips for a potential real estate fraud plaintiff and the real estate attorneys who must evaluate the case. Continue reading this article by following this link to our website.

Meet Our Friend…Kenneth M. Chong

Ken Chong is Vice President at Viking Real Estate Group/Sigma Financial and Regional Director at Commercial Investment Brokerage Corp. With his extensive experience in commercial real estate services, Ken offers investors and property owners expert advice regarding acquisitions, underwriting, analysis, retirement and wealth transfer for each client’s varying situation. Being licensed through the DRE and FINRA, Ken has the ability to work with all types of investors and owners.

Congratulations to Ken and his wife, Heidi, on the birth of their daughter, Margaret Kazuko Chong, on February 6.

Ken is active in the LA5 Rotary Club and has done a great job organizing our real estate breakfasts for the last two years. Ken can be reached at (818) 627-6284 or Give Ken a call so you can get to know him and find out more about what he does.

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