Double Your Rate of Failure

Double Your Rate of Failure

The fear of failure is the greatest single obstacle to success in adult life. Note that it is not failure itself. Failure makes you stronger and more resilient and more determined. It is the fear of failure or the anticipation of failure that can paralyze your thoughts and your activities and hold you back from even trying to do the things that you need to do to be a big success.

A young journalist once asked Thomas J. Watson Sr., the founder of IBM, how he could be more successful faster. Watson replied with these wonderful words: “If you want to be successful faster, you must double your rate of failure. Success lies on the far side of failure.”

Dare to go forward. Self-made millionaires are not gamblers, but they are always willing to take calculated risks in the direction of their goals to achieve greater rewards. In fact, your attitude toward risk taking is probably the most important indicator of your readiness to become wealthy.

Whenever you are faced with a risky situation, ask yourself this question, What is the worst possible thing that could happen if I go ahead? Then, as J. Paul Getty, the self-made oil billionaire, said, you should make sure that, whatever it is, it doesn’t happen.

The fact is that everyone is afraid of failure. Everyone is afraid of loss and poverty. Everyone is afraid of making a mistake and being set back. But self-made millionaires are those who consciously and deliberately face this fear and take action anyway.

When you act boldly, unseen forces will come to your aid. And every act of courage increases your courage and capacity for courage in the future. Whenever you take action in a forward direction with no guarantees of success, your fears diminish and your courage and self-confidence increase. You eventually reach the point where you are not afraid of anything.

Your job is to commit yourself to becoming a self-made millionaire. Your job is to set specific goals for yourself, write them down, and work toward them every day. And especially, you must continue to remind yourself, in the face of all the problems and difficulties that you will experience, that “Failure is not an option!” This is the attitude that, more than anything else, will guarantee your long-term success.

Brian Tracy, The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

Mistakes On The Way To Success

Mistakes are the name of the game in lifestyle design. Here are the slip-ups you will make. Don’t get frustrated. It’s all part of the process.

1. Losing sight of dreams and falling into work for work’s sake.

Whenever you feel yourself falling into this trap, re-read your goals or listen to something inspirational. Everyone does it, but many get stuck and never get out.

2. Micromanaging and e-mailing to fill time.

Set the responsibilities and rules—then stop micromanaging and sending endless emails, for the sanity of everyone involved.

3. Handling problems your outsourcers or co-workers can handle.

4. Helping outsourcers or co-workers with the same problem more than once, or with non-crisis problems.

Give them if-then rules for solving all but the largest problems. Give them freedom to act without your input, set the limits in writing, and then emphasize in writing that you will not respond to help with problems that are covered by these rules. Review their decisions every quarter and adjust the rules accordingly.

5. Chasing unqualified customers.

6. Not performing a thorough 80/20 analysis every two to four weeks for your business and personal life.

7. Striving for endless perfection rather than great or simply good enough, whether in your personal or professional life.

Focus on great for a few things and good enough for the rest. Perfection is a good ideal and direction to have, but recognize it for what it is: an impossible destination.

8. Blowing minutiae and small problems out of proportion as an excuse to work.

9. Ignoring the social rewards of life.

Surround yourself with smiling, positive people who have absolutely nothing to do with work. Create your musts alone if you must, but do not live your life alone. Happiness shared in the form of friendships and love is happiness multiplied.

Timothy Ferriss, The Four Hour Work Week

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