Create A Compelling Future

Welcome to 2010.

I was struck when someone mentioned that it was the end of the decade. I looked back to figure out whether I had accomplished what I wanted to accomplish—travel, friends, contribution, business, relationships, etc.

Looking back over the decade also made me think about what was important and what was just filling time. This month’s article is on how to create a compelling future. Try the exercise. Rather than reacting to what comes your way, this exercise will help you identify where you want to be next year and, chances are, help you get there.

In business there must be a purpose for our existence. Surely it is not to fill our time until the end of the day. Realistically, while a just profit is nice, we will not end our life celebrating the money aspect. Instead our purpose must be to improve the quality of our community and those we work with.

In 2010 I want to strive to implement this purpose—serving others and helping out our community to the best of my ability.


Create A Compelling Future

How To Set Goals For 2010

Do you have a list of clearly defined goals for the life you dream of living?

Here are some simple suggestions on how to set goals and then achieve those goals. These are taken from Anthony Robbins’ book Awaken the Giant Within.

The first step is to brainstorm in four different categories—(1) personal development goals, (2) career/business/economic goals, (3) toys/adventure goals, and (4) contribution goals. Spend five minutes on each category, writing down every possibility you can imagine doing, being, creating, experiencing or contributing. Don’t censor yourself. Don’t stop to consider whether you believe it is possible. Just write.

For example, for personal development you may consider what you would like to learn, who do you want your friends to be, or what you could do to get your body in great shape.

For career/business/economic goals, you may write down how much you want to earn, what investments you want to make, what would you like to contribute to your company, what kind of impact you want to have.

For toys and adventure, ask yourself what type of dream home you’d like to build, what sporting events you would like to attend, what exotic places you would like to travel to, what toys you would like.

Lastly, for contribution, how would you like to contribute? Would you like to read to the blind, build a shelter for the homeless, adopt a child or volunteer at a senior citizen’s home?

Step two is go back over each idea you wrote down and assign it a time line. Goals must have time deadlines for their completion.

Step three is to identify one goal from each category that will be your top goal for 2010. Take two minutes to write a paragraph explaining why you are absolutely committed to achieving this goal within the next year.

Make sure you look at these four goals daily. Post them on your refrigerator or mirror. Put them by your telephone on your desk at work.

This process will help you develop bigger, more inspiring, more challenging goals. By identifying your top four goals you will also have a certainty of purpose in the things you do this year. The worst that could happen? Some of your dreams may come true.

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