Building Men in Uganda; Building Fences in the Palisades

Happy 4th of July! I just returned from my trip to Uganda. Details are below. Work is busy with an upcoming trial and several heated cases. How can we help you and your friends with your real estate and business litigation? How can we help you grow your business. Let me know. I look forward to catching up with everyone in July. Laine

Uganda 2013: Building Men

“This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:17. Christian author John Eldredge explains that the first stage in the masculine journey is being the ‘beloved son”. “For we must remember that above all else, boyhood is the time of Affirmation, the time when a boy comes to learn and learn deeply that he is the beloved son.”

“Without this bedrock of affirmation, this core of assurance, a man will move unsteadily through the rest of his life, trying to prove his worth and earn belovedness through performance or achievement, through sex, or in a thousand other ways. Quite often he doesn’t know this is his search. He simply finds himself uncertain in some core place inside, by fears and the opinion of others, yearning for someone to notice him.”

Four years ago I first visited Bringing Hope to the Family orphanage in Kaihura, Uganda. While I met the cutest elementary school students and watched the great work being done in the medical clinic, my heart was captured by Bringing Hope’s vocational school and farm in Kyongera. Twenty minutes away from the village by motorcycle, the farm is a vocational school for 15 teenage boys who learn carpentry and farming. These boys are mostly orphans who dropped out of school, usually at an early age, and have a limited education. They spend two years at the school learning trades that will help them earn a living.

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Neighbors, Fences and Boundaries

Our article “Neighbors, Fences and Boundaries” was recently published in Pacific Palisades Luxury Living News, a newsletter from Amalfi Estates and Anthony Marguleas. Anthony was recently listed as one of the top 250 real estate brokers by volume in the country. Congratulations Anthony!

Boundary disputes between neighbors are one of the more common reasons for real estate litigation. The most typical boundary lawsuit arises from the discovery that a fence or wall built many years earlier is not located on the legal boundary between the properties. One homeowner will point to the survey as the true boundary while the other will point to the fence or wall as the true boundary. These neighbor disputes are rarely resolved short of the hiring of real estate attorneys, the filing of lawsuits and heated and emotional litigation.

Where Is The Correct Boundary?

Boundaries are first and foremost determined by the legal description contained in the deed. Therefore, the best way to determine the proper boundary between two properties is to commission a survey. While two competing surveys may show minimal variance, the boundary is determined by the legal description and not where someone in the past decided to build a fence, erect a wall or plant some trees.

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