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Your Commercial Lease is one of the most important documents that you will sign, either as a landlord or a business tenant, and you need an experienced real estate lawyer to help you with it. A lease is a long term obligation and is often accompanied by a personal guarantee that opens the business owner up to personal liability. It does not make sense to obligate you and your business to many years of contractual responsibilities without having an attorney help you review and negotiate that lease before you sign it.

The real estate lawyers of Wagenseller Law Firm efficiently handle all aspects of the commercial landlord/tenant relationship, including drafting, negotiating and documenting all types of leases. We have drafted custom leases and also reviewed and revised lease forms (including the AIR [American Industrial Real Estate Association]. We have helped our clients enter into retail leases, downtown office building leases, industrial and research and development (R&D) space leases and retail leases, among others. We have handled leasing for both landlords and business tenants throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Our leasing practice includes:

  • Negotiating and drafting retail and restaurant leases, office leases and industrial leases.
  • Preparing amendments to existing leases, including expansion agreements, termination agreements and agreements consenting to an assignment or sublease.
  • Working with the landlord and their property manager to assess the effectiveness of their forms and procedures.
  • Litigating breach of lease and other contract claims, including operating expense disputes, constructive eviction and property damage claims.
  • Pursuing in a cost-effective manner unlawful detainer proceedings (i.e., commercial eviction) against defaulting tenants, from the preparation and service of pay-or-quit notices through the recovery of possession after trial and the collection of amounts owing.

We have the depth of knowledge and experience to handle both routine as well as unusual and complex transactions in a timely, thorough and effective manner. If you are looking for real estate attorneys in Los Angeles and Southern California to help you with your property or tenancy, please call us.

To Whom It May Concern:
At my recommendation, several of my clients have engaged the legal services of Wagenseller Law Firm to represent their interests in lease negotiations. Wagenseller Law Firm negotiated an office lease for my client, a national public relations firm, and a complex industrial lease for another client, a Caltech biotech startup company.
I always recommend that my clients retain elite boutique law firms specializing in real estate. Wagenseller Law Firm did not disappoint me. Negotiating with some of the mega (and expensive) real estate law firms in the city, Laine and Michelle maneuvered through contrived obstacles with great alacrity, incisiveness and creativity, solving problems and averting protracted negotiations. Wagenseller Law Firm got the deals done.
My clients appreciated that their interests were protected to the fullest. They also appreciated that Wagenseller Law Firm’s ability to solve problems saved them untold dollars in attorney fees.
I appreciated that, throughout the process, Laine, Michelle and the entire office was always responsive and informative. They were able to suggest practical solutions in an easy to understand way, allowing my clients to make sound and informed decisions.
I have the highest regard for the Wagenseller Law Firm. I found their performance to be stellar with each of my clients. I would not hesitate to recommend them again and again.

Linda Eng
Senior Vice President
Travers Realty Corporation, Los Angeles
February 17, 2009

“This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.”

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