Dear Real Estate Attorney, It Is Not About You

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An Attorney Who Talks About Himself?

A few years ago I needed to hire an attorney (not a real estate attorney!).  My brother and I interviewed a few.  One attorney ushered us into his office and regaled us with stories about how he started his firm long ago.  He talked about different staff he had hired and how the practice had evolved over the years.

I am not sure if he noticed how much I started fidgeting.  Truth be told I had no interest in how he had built his practice.  I didn’t care about his stories about his staff.  I didn’t even care about his battle stories about other cases he had handled.

I couldn’t wait to start talking about me and my issue.  I wanted to know how he was going to solve my problems.

How Are You Going To Solve My Problems?

They say that when a prospect comes in for a consultation or even visits your website, he or she doesn’t want to know your autobiography or the history of your law firm in the community.  The potential client first and foremost wants to feel hopeful–can you resolve his or her problem?  He or she also wants to feel safe–is the potential client safe entrusting his legal matter to you as the attorney?

At Wagenseller Law Firm we focus on helping our clients with their real estate problems.  We want to hear your story and then we want to work with you on figuring out a good solution.

We Do One Thing And One Thing Only–Real Estate Litigation

We want you to feel safe entrusting your problem to us.  We do this in part by focus and specialization.  We do one thing and one thing only–real estate lawsuits.  Because we specialize in this one area we have the experience necessary to help you.  When you browse our website you will notice stories about prior cases.  This will help you figure out whether our experience is similar to the issue you are facing.  It will give you comfort in knowing how lawsuits like yours are handled and the different ways that they are resolved.

However, there is no substitute for a one-on-one conversation about your issue.  Feel free to call us to discuss your issue and we can give you feedback.  We are always willing to talk to your friends and colleagues about their legal issues.  We may not be the right law firm to handle the dispute.  We will tell you that and most likely give you a referral to someone who is a better fit.  If we are a good fit we will tell you upfront how we will handle your lawsuit or issue.

Real estate litigation is a complex field with a lot of statutes, case law and regulations.  Not all attorneys focus on only real estate.  Not all lawyers even listen all that well to what your issue is.  Our goal is to listen to what you want to accomplish and then apply our expertise to your case so that you feel both hopeful and safe with our representation.  How can we help you?

Attorney Laine T. Wagenseller specializes in real estate lawsuits in Los Angeles.  He is the founder of Wagenseller Law Firm in downtown Los Angeles and he handles lawsuits that deal with properties and partnerships.

Some of the ideas in this post were well expressed in an email from Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing (attorney marketing specialists) so I want to make sure that he gets credit for them.


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