Business litigation attorneys in Los Angeles are not all the same.  Nor is all business litigation.  Being involved in a legal dispute with another party raises a number of questions and concerns.  The most important task is to find an experienced business litigation attorney who has the knowledge and expertise that your case demands.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that new clients have when seeking to hire a law firm to represent them.

How Do I Find The Best Litigation Lawyer in Los Angeles To Represent Me?

When seeking a lawyer to represent you, first ask what type of lawyer do you need.  If you are involved in a lawsuit, you will need what a trial lawyer who can handle business litigation.  However, even business litigation is a broad topic and there are countless specialties encompassed by that description.  Los Angeles has thousands of attorneys who practice all types of litigation.

At Wagenseller Law Firm our attorneys specialize in real estate litigation and business litigation.  We handle partnership disputes between business partners (including family members) and almost all lawsuits involving real estate and businesses.

  • Not all lawyers have the experience you need.

Some “litigation” lawyers have never tried a case, never handled a real estate dispute, and, in some cases, have limited experience before a judge and jury.  Ask your potential business trial lawyer to describe his or her experience with disputes like yours.  The attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have handled numerous trials involving real estate, partnership disputes and other business issues.

  • Many lawyers have never been to trial.

Many big firm lawyers spend their days writing memos in the law library.  Ask your potential lawyer if he or she has ever been to trial.  Attorney Wagenseller has handled many jury trials, court trials and arbitrations.

  • Many lawyers are not up to date on the newest legal decisions.

Litigation is a constantly changing field with very specific statutes relating to real estate and partnerships.  New case law is constantly being handed down.  Ask your potential lawyer whether he or she has taught legal seminars, written legal articles and is involved with real estate and business trade groups.  Laine Wagenseller teaches legal seminars on various real estate and business topics, writes legal articles and is involved with trade groups here in Los Angeles.

What Differentiates The Wagenseller Law Firm Attorneys From Other Attorneys?

The real estate litigation and business trial lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm are committed to working closely with you to come up with solutions that achieve your objectives.  Our experienced trial lawyers are very proud of our excellent personal service, our results and our aggressive representation.

Moreover, our litigation attorneys specialize in real estate and business litigation throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.  When you are facing a lawsuit or litigation involving property or a business, look for attorneys who have the knowledge and experience to fight for your interests in court.

What Can A First Time Client Expect From The Attorneys At Wagenseller Law Firm?

Our attorneys will listen to your situation and, working together with you, jointly formulate a strategy for reaching the best solution to your legal dispute.  Whether you are looking for help with commercial litigation, a partnership lawsuit, commercial leasing or some other business dispute, our lawyers will outline a strategy for getting the best result, set forth a budget and timeline to give you to give you an outline of how the case will proceed.  We will identify your strengths and most powerful bargaining tools.  We will also be very up front about any weaknesses or risks that you face.  With our experience in real estate and business litigation, we are able to explain the legal tools which can help you fortify your position during the negotiations or the lawsuit.

Why is a Budget Important?

A cost/benefit analysis of your claim is one of the most important but most overlooked facets of your dispute due diligence.  It is no secret that attorneys fees can pile up quickly and, in many disputes, can easily surpass the value of the item in dispute.  A smart approach to dispute resolutions will take into account the amount at issue compared to the value of the claim as a whole.  Moreover, a budget will prevent surprises and misunderstandings as the case progresses.

How does Wagenseller Law Firm bill for its services?

Most cases are billed on a straight hourly rate. Clients are asked to put up a retainer at the beginning of the case. The amount of the retainer may vary depending on the specifics of the dispute. Bills are sent out each month and payment is requested upon receipt. Select cases may be billed on a flat fee or contingency basis. Please consult with the office for more information.

What types of cases does Wagenseller Law Firm handle?

The real estate and business attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm handle all types of litigation and commercial leasing.

Real Estate Litigation Business Litigation Real Estate Law and Leasing
Breach of Contract

Breach of Lease

Specific Performance

Partnership Disputes

Ownership Disputes

Quiet Title


Neighbor Disputes

Commercial Landlord/Tenant

Boundary Disputes

Real Estate Fraud

Adverse Possession

Easement/Right of Way Disputes

Breach of Contract

Partnership Disputes

Shareholder Lawsuits

Directors and Officers Liability

Commercial Litigation

Corporation Litigation

Corporate Dissolution

Business Fraud

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Collection Cases

Interference with Contract

Commercial Sales

Business Accountings

Commercial Leases (Office,

Warehouse, Industrial,

Retail, Restaurants)

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Contract Review


What industries has Wagenseller Law Firm represented?

The lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm represent businesses large and small in a variety of industries.

Real Estate Clients: Real Estate Developers, Property Owners, Real Estate Brokers, Business Owners, Landlords, Tenants, Non-Profits, Lawyers and Law Firms, Architects, Contractors, Shopping Center Owners and Tenants, Industrial Building Owners and Tenants, Warehouse Owners and Tenants, Office Building Owners and Tenants, Real Estate Service Businesses, Home Owners, Condominium Owners, Real Estate Partnerships, Real Estate Corporate Shareholders, Banks, Hotel Owners and Developers, Student Housing Companies and others real estate related clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Business Clients: Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers/Exporters, Entrepreneurs, Restaurants, Retail Businesses, Hospitality industry Companies, Hotels, Internet Companies, Security Companies, Real Estate Brokerages, Investors, Media Companies, Consultants, Non-Profits, Lawyers and Law Firms, Software Companies, Public Companies, Small Businesses, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and other businesses throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

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