Court of Appeal: Oral Argument Today!

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Business litigation attorneys in Los Angeles spend a lot more time in Superior Court trial courts than in the California Court of Appeal.  Not many cases get appealed and therefore there are not many chances to engage in oral argument at the appellate court level.  However, today was one such opportunity.

My clients have been sued numerous times for business transactions with a Chinese wheel manufacturer.  We began this odyssey in 2009.

We went to trial on one case in 2010.  Two out of three of the defendants won at trial.  The plaintiff returned with a new lawsuit against one of those defendants and his adult daughter, alleging that the defendant had fraudulently conveyed assets to his daughter.

In the trial court we argued that plaintiff could not sue my client again for the same thing.  This is a concept called res judicata.  The court agreed with us and dismissed plaintiff’s lawsuit.

The opposing attorney filed this appeal.  The appeal involved issues of res judicata, collateral estoppel and fraudulent conveyance.

The Justices questioned the other attorney at length about his claims.  While I presented my take on the case, the Justices had only a few questions for me.

We now have to wait for the appellate court to issue their ruling on the appeal but I am optimistic.

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