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Corporate law is complicated. There are a number of different federal and state rules and regulations that could impact your rights. When corporate litigation is possible, likely, or even inevitable, it is crucial that you have skilled legal representation on your side. If you are a director, officer or shareholder of a corporation involved in or seeking to file a lawsuit in Los Angeles, you should look for lawyers with extensive experience in corporate disputes and corporate litigation.

At Wagenseller Law Firm, our Los Angeles corporate litigation attorneys are diligent and solutions-focused advocates for clients. Whether you are a minority shareholder or a majority shareholder, we are here to protect your interests and help you achieve a successful resolution to your lawsuit. To set up a strictly confidential initial consultation with a California corporate litigation attorney, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Los Angeles law office today.

Our Corporate Litigation Law Firm Provides a Full Range of Legal Services

We are a full-service boutique commercial law firm devoted to providing top-quality legal representation and client service in business and corporate matters. The corporate litigation lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm represent a number of big and small corporations in all manner of corporate disputes. No matter the specific circumstances that you are dealing with, we are here to help you find the best path forward. Among other types of legal matters, our Los Angeles corporate litigation attorney is prepared to help you in the areas listed below on this page.

Corporate Litigation Services

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Breach of Contract
  • Corporate Fraud, Accounting Issues and Other Misconduct
  • Officer and Director Liability
  • Shareholder Litigation
  • Corporate Dissolution

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care in the American legal system. The Cornell Legal Information Institute notes that directors and officers of corporations are “charged with certain fiduciary duties,” including the duty of loyalty and a duty of care. Our Los Angeles corporate litigation attorney has the skills and legal knowledge to handle all types of breach of fiduciary duty claims.

Breach of Contract

Contracts are at the basis of most commercial relationships in the corporate world. A breach of contract can cause significant damage to the non-breaching party. At Wagenseller Law Firm, our California corporate litigation lawyer helps clients navigate the full range of breach of contract disputes. Whether you are involved in a dispute over a partnership agreement, shareholder agreement, corporate bylaws, an executive employment package, or any other contractual matter, we can provide guidance.

Corporate Fraud, Accounting Issues and Other Misconduct

Are you locked in a legal dispute involving allegations of business fraud, material misrepresentations, accounting problems, violations of the California Corporations code, or any other issue related to corporate misconduct? If so, our Los Angeles corporation litigation law firm is here as a resource. With the knowledge and experience to represent all interested parties, we handle all types of corporate fraud matters.

Officer and Director Liability

Corporate officers and corporate directors could potentially face personal legal liability for certain issues. We have significant experience helping our clients navigate these complex cases. As an example, in a corporate accounting and breach of fiduciary duty case, our software company client’s President was accused of self-dealing and unfairly treating the minority shareholders. Laine T. Wagenseller has extensive experience in directors and officers liability litigation throughout California.

Shareholder Litigation

With extensive experience in partnership and shareholder litigation, our California corporate law team is here to protect your best interests. We handle the full range of shareholder issues. In some cases, minority shareholders initiate litigation against the company. For example, minority shareholders will bring a lawsuit against management in an attempt to force an outcome they were not able to get through voting. At the same time, majority shareholders can treat minority shareholders unfairly for their own gain. If you have any questions about shareholder litigation, our Los Angeles corporate litigation attorney is available to help.

Corporate Dissolution

Even the best of businesses may not last forever. Our California business law team helps clients navigate issues related to corporate dissolution. We are prepared to work with you to find the solution that is best suited for your case. Our attorneys have handled corporate dissolution actions such as when two equal shareholders can no longer work together. We also assist clients with disputes that arise during the dissolution process. Contact our Los Angeles corporate litigation team for more information.

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Corporate Litigation Attorney

How the California Corporate Litigation Lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm Can Help

Going through a corporate dispute is never easy. Our lead attorney Laine T. Wagenseller is an experienced corporate law advocate. Attorney Wagenseller is a trial-tested corporate litigator with nearly three decades of experience representing businesses, entrepreneurs, and shareholders in California. When you reach out to our Los Angeles law office, you will have an opportunity to consult with a California corporate litigation lawyer who is prepared to:

• Conduct a detailed-driven review and assessment of your case;
• Answer your questions and explain your available options;
• Investigate the corporate dispute—securing all relevant documents and records;
• Represent you in any settlement negotiations; and
• Devise a corporate litigation strategy focused on helping you secure the best outcome.

Every corporate law dispute involves its own unique set of facts, circumstances, and complexity. Our corporate litigation law firm provides personalized attention to every client—with a commitment to putting time and resources into every case. If you are seeking successful and attentive attorneys to handle your company’s corporate dispute, the corporate litigation lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm will assist you in a cost-effective, responsive and thorough way.

Contact Our Los Angeles Corporate Litigation Attorney Today

At Wagenseller Law Firm, our Los Angeles corporate litigation attorneys provide personalized, cost effective legal representation across the full spectrum of corporate law matters. If you are preparing for corporate litigation, we can help. Give us a call now or contact us online for your confidential case evaluation. From our Los Angeles law office, we provide corporate law services throughout Southern California, including in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County.

Corporate Litigation:
Frequently Asked Questions

Which State has Jurisdiction Over a Corporate Lawsuit?

It depends. In some cases, multiple states may even have jurisdiction over the same corporate law matter. In general, a corporation can be sued both in its state of incorporation and in the state of its principal business location. Other states may also have jurisdiction over the matter in certain circumstances. If you have any specific questions about jurisdiction over a corporate law dispute, our Los Angeles corporate litigation lawyer can help.

Is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) an Option for Corporate Disputes?

Yes—at least in many cases. Not all corporate disputes are resolved in court. Depending on the specific circumstances, a corporate dispute may be well-suited for mediation, arbitration, or another form of alternative dispute resolution. A Los Angeles, CA corporate litigation attorney can help you determine the best course of action for your case.

What is the Difference Between a Direct Shareholder Lawsuit and a Derivative Lawsuit?

With a direct shareholder lawsuit, a minority shareholder files a legal claim on their own behalf. In contrast, in a derivative lawsuit, a shareholder files a claim on behalf of the corporation itself. Most often, derivative shareholder lawsuits are filed on behalf of the corporation against one or more of its officers or directors. Typically, shareholder derivative claims involve allegations that corporate officers or corporate directors have fundamentally abused their discretion.

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