Los Angeles Corporate Litigation Lawyers

If you are a Director, Officer or Shareholder of a corporation involved in or seeking to file a lawsuit in Los Angeles, you should look for lawyers with experience in corporate litigation. Whether you are a minority shareholder or a majority shareholder, you will need Corporate Litigation Attorneys who can protect your interests and help you achieve a successful resolution to your lawsuit.

The Corporate Litigation Lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm represent a number of big and small corporations in all manner of corporate disputes. Common causes of action against corporations include breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, fraud, accounting, breach of the duty of loyalty, negligent misrepresentation and violations of the California Corporations code. Minority shareholders will often bring a lawsuit against management in an attempt to force an outcome they were not able to get through voting. On the other hand, majority shareholders can often treat minority shareholder unfairly for their own gain.

Our attorneys have handled corporate dissolution actions such as when two equal shareholders can no longer work together. In another corporate accounting and breach of fiduciary duty case, our software company client’s President was accused of self-dealing and unfairly treating the minority shareholders. Laine T. Wagenseller has extensive experience in Directors and Officers liability litigation throughout California.

If you are seeking successful and attentive attorneys to handle your company’s corporate dispute, the Corporate Litigation Lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm will assist you in a cost-effective, responsive and thorough way.

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