Los Angeles Commercial Litigation Lawyers

When your company is faced with commercial litigation, the Los Angeles Commercial Litigation Lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm can help you successfully resolve your lawsuit. Our attorneys have extensive experience in commercial litigation throughout Southern California, including successfully representing companies in business trials. Wagenseller Law Firm is committed to listening to your business and litigation goals and helping you achieve them in the most efficient way.

Commercial litigation often involves complicated business laws, including, among others, the California Commercial Code, the Business and Professions Code, the Corporations Code and the extensive case law that has developed to govern business transactions and business litigation. Your company not only needs to constantly monitor and be on top of these legal developments, you need business lawyers with experience in commercial litigation who can help you understand and comply with these laws.

At Wagenseller Law Firm, our business trial lawyers handle all types of commercial litigation. Our attorneys represent manufacturers, distributors, importers, service businesses and others in all types of commercial litigation. Recent clients we have represented have been involved in commercial code (Uniform Commercial Code) lawsuits over manufacturing disputes, collection matters on unpaid invoices for commercial goods, and related commercial fraud claims.

If you are facing commercial litigation, our commercial litigation lawyers can help you resolve your dispute and represent your interests. You need results and our experienced trial lawyers can get them for you.

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