Commercial Contracts

Contracts have been at the center of human civilization for thousands of years, and commercial contracts are the bedrock of every aspect of our economy, across industries. The value and security of a business is based on the durability of its contractual relationships, and when a commercial contract dispute arises, it can have an enormous financial impact on the organization’s future and ability to conduct its business. At Wagenseller Law Firm in downtown Los Angeles, our attorneys have significant experience in advising individuals and businesses on their contractual rights and obligations as well as in representing them in asserting or defending against claims related to commercial contracts.

Advising You on Your Contractual Rights and Obligations

We understand that going to court or arbitration is often a last resort for clients, and we will rely on our extensive experience in the commercial contract space to assess your situation and determine what your rights, obligations, and full set of options are pursuant to a contract, with an focus on achieving cost-effective solutions which grow your bottom line and build lasting goodwill. We will provide hands-on guidance as your options under a contract as well as represent you in speaking to other parties regarding their obligations to achieve your desired outcome in amending, negotiating, or demanding performance on contract.

We have experience in working with individuals and businesses in dispute resolution on all kinds of commercial contracts, including:

  • Sales for commercial goods
  • Vendor agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Real estate purchase and sale agreements
  • Employment-related agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Insurance agreements
  • Oral contracts and implied-in-fact agreements

Litigating Your Commercial Contract Dispute

Beyond contract analysis, guidance, and negotiation on your behalf, the attorneys of Wagenseller Law Firm are seasoned courtroom litigators who have effectively resolved a wide range of contract disputes in state and federal courtrooms across Southern California as well as before arbitration boards.

We will aggressively and intelligently pursue effective and efficient outcomes on your behalf in either pursuing a commercial contract claim or defending against claims asserted against you. Strategies we can pursue on your behalf include:

  • Suing for expectation damages, restitutionary damages, and other forms of damages in a breach of contract scenario
  • Suing to receive specific performance on a sale of goods or real property
  • Defending against claims for damages and specific performance
  • Arguing for or against the validity of a contract (including oral and implied contracts)
  • Litigating the meaning of terms under a contract
  • Litigating whether performance under a contract for a sale or service fulfilled the requirements of the contract
  • Presenting defenses to performance under a contract

When you contact Wagenseller Law Firm for an initial consultation regarding your potential commercial contract claim or liability, we will fully assess your options and work with you side-by-side throughout the process in working towards your best possible resolution.

Contact the Commercial Contract Attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm

At Wagenseller Law Firm in downtown Los Angeles, we provide full legal services to individuals and businesses in business and real estate litigation matters. Contact the Wagenseller Law Firm today to schedule a consultation to discuss your commercial contract matter.

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