California’s Controller on the Economy: Recovery Will Be Tough

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California’s Controller on the Economy: “Recovery Will Be Tough.”

On August 29, I attended the Westmount Asset Management speakers series with John Chiang, California’s Controller.

“Real estate and government are two weak sectors, but real estate is picking up.”

“We are making progress. The economy is getting better. California’s economic recovery is far superior to other states.”

“Recovery will be tough90% debt to GDP is not healthy.”

While he mentioned government spending in Europe as an obstacle to recovery, he was more circumspect about California’s government spending.

If you’d like me to email you my notes of his full comments, reply to this email and I will send them to you.

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Six Confidence Building Strategies

1. Everyday remind yourself that you did some things well.

Don’t dwell on what you didn’t finish.

2. Read inspiring biographies and autobiographies. Find out about people who started with nothing, or who had devastating setbacks, and still found a way to win. Remember, your capacity far exceeds your current level of performance.

3. Be thankful. No matter how bad your circumstances are, there’s probably someone worse off than you. Put things into perspective.

4. Build excellent support around you. Build excellent relationships.

5. Push yourself to accomplish short term goals. There’s no greater way to build confidence than getting things done.

6. Do something for yourself every week. Find a way to celebrate your weekly accomplishments.

Canfield, Hansen and Hewitt, The Power of Focus

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