Business Litigation: Do You Have A Roadmap Of Your Case?

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Los Angeles real estate litigation attorney Laine T. Wagenseller reveals the elements of the road map the litigator must have before embarking on what may turn out to be a years’ long journey.  Mr. Wagenseller also discusses the importance of doing a practical assessment of the work the case requires, including a thorough, honest and accurate analysis of the existing law so that the client understands the likely eventual outcome.

You wouldn’t set out on a road trip to St. Albans, New Hampshire without looking at a map and figuring out your route.  You wouldn’t hire a contractor to build a new home without having architectural plans of what you want built.  And yet people in lawsuits will hire a lawyer to handle their lawsuit without insisting on a plan on how to get the result they desire.  Moreover, lawyers will start working on lawsuits without figuring out where the client wants to go or what the plan is to get there.  Litigation without a roadmap is not only wasteful but dangerous.

An experienced trial attorney knows that everything he or she does in the litigation should be geared toward steering the litigation toward the desired result.  Moreover, the only way a lawyer can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a case is to do a full analysis of both the factual and legal issues in the case at the outset.  With cases in the Los Angeles Superior Court taking about 18 months to get to trial, an unprepared lawyer can plod through litigation for a year and a half before actually having to figure out what to do with the case.  If you are the client, this could be a year and a half of expenses and anxiety for nothing.

In this video on Pepperdine School of Law’s website, experienced Los Angeles real estate litigation attorney Laine T. Wagenseller talks about the importance of figuring out your litigation roadmap at the very beginning of your case.






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