Business Litigation: A New Series On How To Handle Business Lawsuits (and Business Attorneys) in Los Angeles

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Business litigation attorneys and clients alike don’t often think through the litigation process–what it involves, how the litigation will unfold and what the ultimate goal is.  In the new year we will post articles that address common client questions about litigation.  We will also add ‘lessons learned’ to each post in an effort to share some pointers learned through years of experience.

Our new series of articles that talk about the litigation process, including:

1.  What do I do with a Summons and Complaint?

2.  How do I hire an attorney?

3.  How do I prepare for business litigation (and how do I help my attorney prepare for litigation)?

4.  How do my attorney and I analyze the merits of the lawsuit?

5.  How do I evaluate litigation versus settlement?

6.  Should I agree to arbitrate or go to court?

7.  How do I respond to a lawsuit?

8.  How should my attorney and I conduct written discovery?

a.  Requests for Production of Documents, including electronic discovery and email

b.  Requests for Admission

c.  Interrogatories

d.  Depositions, including how your attorney should take depositions, how you should handle being deposed, how your attorneys should handle defending depositions and who should be deposed

After this initial set of articles on the beginning of the litigation process, we will explore various litigation tools, including different motions and provisional remedies before trial.

These posts are written from the point of view of an experienced Los Angeles business litigation attorney and are mainly geared toward California law and practice in California state courts, including the Los Angeles Superior Court.

If there is something you want to know about, feel free to let us know at  If you know of someone who is involved or may become in involved in business litigation, we would be happy to discuss the particulars of their situation with them (and our discussions will be private and confidential).  We always appreciate your referrals.

Who is writing these posts?  My name is Laine T. Wagenseller and I am the founder of Wagenseller Law Firm in downtown Los Angeles.  Wagenseller Law Firm’s vision is to be the preeminent boutique real estate and partnership litigation law firm in Los Angeles.  We specialize in real estate and partnership litigation.  I have been practicing law for 21 years.  I attended Duke University and the University of Southern California Gould School of Law.  Following law school I clerked for the Hon. Richard Neal and the Hon. Melvin Grover in the Los Angeles Superior Court for a year before joining a law firm.  After practicing with several large law firms in Los Angeles, I formed Wagenseller Law Firm in 2004 in an effort to provide clients with more individualized attention.  Throughout my years of practice I have handled numerous trials, arbitrations, mediations, appeals and lawsuits.  For more information on me and the firm, please visit our website at

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