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The business litigation attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm in downtown Los Angeles are experienced trial attorneys with a wide knowledge of business litigation matters.  We are proud of the work we have done–the trials we have conducted, the settlements we have reached and all of the other business client problems that we have resolved.
Being a business litigation attorney in Los Angeles encompasses a variety of different cases.  We handle a lot of real estate litigation and partnership litigation (relating to real estate and businesses).  We also represent family members in business disputes with their siblings, parents, children and other relatives.  Family litigation usually involves family businesses (usually the second or third generation who has inherited the business) or co-ownership of real property.

Here is a small sample of business litigation cases that we have handled recently:

  • Real estate negotiation:  We are currently helping a landlord client with a dispute between him and the billboard company that leases a building on his Koreatown mixed use building.  Our client is interested in negotiating for higher rent payments, not in spending money on litigation.
  • Business litigation:  Our client is in the professional hair and beauty products industry.  The company was sued by a supplier for intentional interference with contractual relations, inducing breach of contract, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, negligent interference with prospective economic advantage and unfair competition in the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Our client is a small business that could not take on the supplier and there was really no reason to in any event.  After a phone call we were able to reach a settlement in which our client promised not to engage in what the supplier considered the offending conduct and the case was dismissed.
  • Real estate brokerage litigation:  Our client is being sued by his former employer for payment relating to a prior lawsuit.  The case is still pending.
  • International Arbitration:  Our client is an Asia-based microchip company which sought collection against a Russian competitor with whom it had dealings.  The arbitration pursuant to the contract was to be held in Los Angeles.  We secured a judgment of just under $500,000 on behalf of our client.
  • UCC Litigation:  Our client–a regional storage company through Los Angeles, Southern California and Northern California–was sued by some former partners and current creditors who also held a lien on the Company’s assets.  After a year of litigation we helped our client reach a settlement of the case.
  • Attorneys Fees Lawsuit:  Our client is a start-up banking software company who had been sued by some former attorneys for unpaid attorneys’ fees related to trademark litigation.  We steered our client toward a settlement with structured payments of a reduced amount.
  • Real estate partnership litigation:  Our client partnered with his wife’s cousin to build a high-end home in Bel Air (a wealthy enclave of Los Angeles).  When the market downturn destroyed any chance of going forward with a real estate development project, the investment partner sued our client.  We reached a settlement tied to the sale of the land.
  • Corporate Litigation:  Our client held a minority stake in a toy/children’s product manufacturer through a LLC (limited liability company) membership.  The majority members shut him out of the Company and refused to provide him with any information about his investment.  We brought a petition for writ of mandate in the Los Angeles Superior Court and won.  The court ordered the company to provide our client with all of the books and records requested and also ordered the company to reimburse our client for the attorneys’ fees incurred in bringing the petition.
  • Family Litigation:  Our client was sued by his aunt over property in Pasadena (a Los Angeles suburb) which the family members were fighting over.  After lengthy litigation we were able to reach a settlement with one party buying out the other party.

A Los Angeles business litigation attorney can see a wide variety of legal disputes.  Much of the litigation centers around breach of contract.  Other elements of business litigation involve specialized knowledge regarding statutes, rules or remedies which only apply in certain cases.  At Wagenseller Law Firm in downtown Los Angeles we are proud of our record in getting good results in complex business litigation in the Los Angeles Superior Court and throughout Southern California.

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