Business Fraud Lawyers

If you are looking for Los Angeles lawyers who have experience in complex business fraud cases, look to Wagenseller Law Firm. Our trial attorneys have successfully handled all types of business fraud lawsuits throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Our lawyers have the trial experience you need in prosecuting or defending a business fraud lawsuit. Our business litigation attorneys can help you resolve the toughest fraud cases.

Fighting or bringing a business fraud lawsuit can be a complicated matter. For the business fraud plaintiff, proving a party’s misrepresentations and the intent to defraud can be a high hurdle to overcome. In addition a plaintiff carries the burden of proof and must show that he justifiably relied on the plaintiff’s misrepresentations, did not know any better and was damaged by those misrepresentations. While business fraud often seems clear to the defrauded party, a fraud trial is one of the most difficult cases to present to a jury. Business fraud often threatens the very existence of the business. Do not leave your company’s existence in the hands of inexperienced attorneys.

Defending a business fraud lawsuit is similarly complicated and the outcome of the litigation or trial can be similarly devastating. Many plaintiffs will sue for fraud in addition to a breach of contract cause of action. While the fraud cause of action may not be supportable, it is often difficult to defeat a fraud cause of action with a motion for summary judgment. This means that the fraud cause of action will be a part of the lawsuit when it goes to trial. A claim of fraud subjects you to punitive damages, which increases your risk at trial.

The Los Angeles business fraud lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm have been successful in both prosecuting and defending business fraud lawsuits. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to formulate a winning strategy and fight aggressively to implement that strategy. Let our business attorneys help you achieve your goals.

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