Breach of Contract

The attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm handle all types of breach of contract lawsuits

Breach of contract lawsuits are probably the most common business litigation lawsuit in Los Angeles. The breach may be of a lease, a purchase and sale agreement, a consulting services contract or a simple order for goods or services. The Breach of Contract Attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have extensive experience with all types of lawsuits centered around contracts.

Not all litigation attorneys are experienced in contract litigation. Moreover, California is known for all of its regulations, many of which affect business contracts even if the parties are unaware that the contracts are regulated. Some contracts are written, some are oral and some are even implied by the conduct of the parties. Real estate contracts can be highly regulated through various California statutes, including the Civil Code, the Business & Professions Code and other statutes. Commercial contracts can be governed by California’s Commercial Code and corporate and partnership contracts can be affected by California’s Corporations Code. The key in choosing a business litigation attorney to handle your breach of contract lawsuit is to look for an attorney with a track record of handling breach of contract matters. The business trial attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have handled numerous trials involving breach of contract claims and have also seen many of those business lawsuits settled or successfully resolved.

California Breach of contract lawsuits require that a party establish that a contract exists between the parties, that the complaining party performed his side of the contract or has an excuse for not performing, that the other side breached the contract and that the complaining party was damaged by that breach. While breach of contract is a general legal principle, a breach of contract lawsuit can include many different types of lawsuits.

Breach of Contract

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The Wagenseller Law Firm has experience handling a variety of breach of contract matters.

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