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“Trespass to Timber”: Tree Issues in Los Angeles

April 16, 2021

Both real estate lawyers and property owners may be familiar with the idea that a property owner can get treble damages for injury to a tree and tree issues.

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Los Angeles Real Estate Lawsuits: Partition versus Partnership Dissolution

September 2019

As Los Angeles real estate litigation attorneys we are often called upon to help clients untangle a messy “partnership” dispute. But when clients call with a “partnership” issue they can be referring to a variety of different situations. What we commonly refer to as partners …

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Easements and Quiet Title Issues in Los Angeles Real Estate Lawsuits

August 2019

Can a trial court find an equitable easement (and a prescriptive easement) just based on what is feels is important and equitable?  California’s Court of Appeal says no. A trial court must determine that all of the elements required for an equitable easement were met …

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Family Real Estate Lawsuits

July 2019

Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Can Make A Big Difference Real estate litigation in Los Angeles is already a highly tendentious process. But when the lawsuit is between family members, the litigation process gets even more personal and acrimonious. Below are some examples of family lawsuits …

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Demand for Corporation Books and Records

June 2019

As a general rule, corporations and their boards are subject to scrutiny by their shareholders. One of the ways that stakeholders can review and scrutinize a corporation is through a demand for corporation books and records, also known as inspection rights. These rights allow a …

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Corporate Dissolution Explained

June 2019

Opening a business is one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of an entrepreneur’s life, but closing a business often comes with very different emotions. For many, the choice to dissolve a company happens because of new job opportunities, retirement, or other exciting new …

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Commercial Leases: What Business Tenants in California Need To Know

June 2019

A business tenant in California owns the business but not the building out of which they operate. This is the case for the vast majority of businesses in California and around the country. As a tenant of a larger commercial landlord, there are a number …

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