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Misconceptions About Prescriptive Easements

April 20, 2022

Even Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers Are Often Confused About What Constitutes A Prescriptive Easement California law is well-settled that prescriptive easements are not appropriate in garden-variety residential boundary disputes.  Case after case has affirmed the general rule:  the law accords determinative effect to the …

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Attorneys’ Fees in a Partnership Buyout

April 2021

Corporation Code section 16701 allows an award of attorneys’ fees against a party who acted arbitrarily, vexatiously, or not in good faith but that award is discretionary. Los Angeles partnerships (and throughout California) are governed by the California Revised Uniform Partnership Act (UPA), which was …

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Prescriptive Easement and the Period of Permissive Use

March 2021

California Court of Appeal notes that the prescriptive easement period does not run while there is common ownership of the parcels at issue.

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What is a “Secondary Easement”

February 2021

Real estate attorneys in California may be familiar with the concept of easements.  But what is a “secondary easement”? We all understand that a grant of easement gives the holder of that easement the interests expressed in the grant.  But it also includes those interests …

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The Preliminary Injunction In Los Angeles, California: What Is It And How Does It Work?

July 2020

In commercial real estate, Los Angeles litigation lawyers must often deal with emergencies. And emergencies often involve temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. These legal tools are especially important in real estate matters where a building can be torn down (or built) before a lawsuit has a …

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Mediation and Partnership Disputes: How to Prepare

May 2020

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that emphasizes cooperative problem solving. It can be especially useful in resolving partnership disputes and shareholder disputes, in which the parties often have mutual interests. Mediation can be faster, less expensive, and less damaging than litigation. …

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Commercial Property: What Must be Shown to Sue for Real Estate Failure to Disclose?

March 2020

Property sellers have a duty to disclose certain information to their buyers. As explained by the California Department of Real Estate, there is a state statute in place that requires residential property sellers to include a Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) as part of …

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