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Misconceptions About Prescriptive Easements

April 20, 2022

Even Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers Are Often Confused About What Constitutes A Prescriptive Easement California law is well-settled that prescriptive easements are not appropriate in garden-variety residential boundary disputes.  Case after case has affirmed the general rule:  the law accords determinative effect to the …

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Corporate Fraud Lawsuits:  The Role of The Corporation In A Derivative Lawsuit

October 2021

Corporate Directors Accused of Looting The Corporation May Not Shift The Cost of Their Defense To The Corporation. Corporate fraud lawsuits often center around Directors who loot the corporation.  Or Members who loot the LLC.  Their tortious conduct can include stealing or embezzling money from …

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Partition in Kind vs. Partition by Sale: Partition Lawsuits Explained

September 2021

The law favors division over sale but partition may not interfere with zoning laws or the existing mortgages. A partition lawsuit in California allow co-owners of a property to sell or divide property so that the co-owners no longer have to be entangled with each …

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A Partnership Plundered: The Wind-Up Of A General Partnership Actually Requires Winding Up Rather Than Self-Dealing Conversion

August 2021

The situation is not uncommon.  Business partners in a partnership dispute often simply move the business over to another entity and try to proceed without the problematic partner.  And they fail to confer with an experienced business attorney to help with the process.  However, in …

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A Look Back At Laine Wagenseller’s Building Men in Uganda Program 2013

July 2021

I recently came across an old article I wrote about the work I do in Uganda with Bringing Hope to the Family Orphanage.  I thought you would enjoy it. Building Men in Uganda “This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased.”  Matthew …

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Derivative Lawsuit: Compulsory Cross-Complaints and Derivative Actions

June 2021

Corporate Litigation Attorneys Cannot Side Step The Rules In A Derivative Lawsuit 1. The compulsory cross-complaint statute is designed to prevent ‘piecemeal litigation’. Business litigation attorneys in Los Angeles and throughout California are familiar with California Code of Civil Procedure section 426.30(a) relating to cross-complaints.  …

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“Trespass to Timber”: Tree Issues in Los Angeles

April 2021

Both real estate lawyers and property owners may be familiar with the idea that a property owner can get treble damages for injury to a tree and tree issues.

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