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Neighbors And Easements In Boundary Disputes

August 17, 2022

The Court of Appeals:  No to an Exclusive Implied Easement But Yes to an Exclusive Equitable Easement The California Court of Appeals has, it seems to me, muddled the law of boundaries and easements in their latest decision.  In Romero v. Shih (2022) 78 Cal.App.5th …

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Lis Pendens In Constructive Trust Lawsuits

July 2022

Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys Must Determine Whether The Claim Involves A Real Property Claim Before Recording A Lis Pendens   A lis pendens—also called a notice of pendency of action—is a document filed with the court and recorded with the county recorder when there …

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Limited Liability Company Lawsuits in California

June 2022

An Experienced LLC Lawyer Offers Advice on Lawsuits Among LLC Members   At Wagenseller Law Firm we handle numerous lawsuits relating to limited liability companies (or LLCs).  Our litigation attorneys have handled a variety of situations where LLC members are fighting each other and so …

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Los Angeles Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

June 2022

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring An Attorney And Engaging In Litigation in California  How Can Wagenseller Law Firm Help You?   The business litigation attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have extensive trial and litigation experience in all types of disputes relating to real property in …

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Derivative Lawsuits Are Only Available To Current LLC Members

May 2022

Corporate Litigation Attorneys Must Make Sure A LLC Member Has Standing to Maintain Derivative Claims. Corporate derivative lawsuits in California can be complicated in terms of both party standing and lawyer representation.  In a new corporate litigation opinion from California’s Court of Appeal, the court …

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Misconceptions About Prescriptive Easements

April 2022

Even Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers Are Often Confused About What Constitutes A Prescriptive Easement California law is well-settled that prescriptive easements are not appropriate in garden-variety residential boundary disputes.  Case after case has affirmed the general rule:  the law accords determinative effect to the …

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Partition Attorney Insights: Partition And The Right Of First Refusal

March 2022

Los Angeles partition attorney Laine T. Wagenseller explains the interplay of the statutory right to partition with the right of first refusal granted by contract. Partition in Los Angeles and throughout California is governed by California’s Code of Civil Procedure.  Los Angeles lawyers who handle …

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