Are You A Courageous Leader?

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Partnership Litigation: Suing Your Partner

Partnerships are the source of much heated business litigation. Business lawyers who deal with partnership and corporate shareholder litigation must be both consummate trial attorneys and trusted advisors. Partnership litigation involves more than just business disputes. The acrimony between partners arises from feelings of betrayal and broken trust. A business litigation attorney who deals with partnership disputes must therefore take great care in the initial analysis of a case-what is the end result of the litigation, what is the game plan to get there and how much will it cost?

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Courageous Leadership

Courageous leadership simply means I’ve developed:

1. Convictions that are stronger than my fears.

2. Vision that is clearer than my doubts.

3. Spiritual sensitivity that is louder than popular opinion.

4. Self-esteem that is deeper than self-protection.

5. Appreciation for discipline that is greater than my desire for leisure.

6. Dissatisfaction that is more forceful than the status quo.

7. Poise that is more unshakeable than panic.

8. Risk taking that is stronger than safety seeking.

9. Right actions that are more robust than rationalization.

10. A desire to see potential reached more than to see people appeased.

You don’t have to be great to become a person of courage. You just need to want to reach your potential and to be willing to trade what seems good in the moment for what’s best for your potential. That’s something you can do regardless of your level of natural talent.

Make a small decision today that will increase your confidence and leadership courage.

From “Talent is Never Enough” by John Maxwell.


Laine joined the Rotary District trip to Puerto Rico in early February (with a few days on the island of Vieques).

Laine T. Wagenseller

Laine T. Wagenseller

Corporate Litigation Attorney

Rotary District trip

Partnership Litigation Attorney

Rotary District trip to Puerto Rico

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